Our mission is to prevent public injuries and/or fatalities due to unsafe power lines through enhanced legislative action, active industry oversight and continued education of the public.

Legislative Action

We feel that the electric utility industry should be required to maintain power lines and infractures in accordance with national standards and operate in a way to prioritize public safety.

We want to determine what legislation currently exists and advocate for new laws where needed. Unfortunately, this goal also includes monitoring all proposed bills to make sure that current laws are not changed to remove essential provisions that protect the public.

Industry Oversight

We want to make sure that state agencies, such as the Public Utility Commission, monitor utilities and enforce the regulations that protect the public.

This involves attending PUC meetings, verifying that utility reports are submitted timely, reviewing said utility reports, and ensuring PUC enforcement.

Safety Education

We plan to educate and conduct public outreach through our website, publish data about PUC utility reports and establish and maintain news and media connections.

Our future ambitions include expanding all these objectives to a national level.