Power Line Safety Initiative

We’re here to demand that electric utilities and government agencies make power line public safety a priority. Our mission is to prevent public injuries and fatalities due to unsafe power lines through enhanced legislative action, active industry oversight and continued public education. Read more about our Mission

Why is Power Line Safety important?

Power lines are dangerous. Hundreds of people are injured or killed every year due to accidental contact with high voltage power lines.

In 2017, Will Brannon and two of his friends were electrocuted in a power line accident. The mast of their sailboat contacted a poorly maintained 12 Kv power transmission line that was 12 feet below standards established by the Public Utility Commission of Texas and the National Electric Safety Code.

In 2019, the families of the deceased boys worked together with legislators, state officials and industry stakeholders to pass Texas HB 4150, later named the William Thomas Heath Power Line Safety Act. This Act created regulations that require electric utilities to regularly inspect certain power lines, train their employees on NESC Standards and hazard recognition and report to the PUC on other power line safety issues.

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The passage of the WTH Act is a victory for all the people of Texas, but our mission is far from complete. We are committed to advocating for power line safety as long there are power lines that cross our yards, parks and lakes.

Help us continue to hold the electricity utilities responsible, the government agencies accountable, and make power line public safety a priority.


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About Us

Stan and Michelle Brannon are just a Dad and Mom dedicated to making something good come out of something bad. They are utilizing their previous professional experience in engineering and finance and learning how to conduct grassroots legislative advocacy. Fighting for public safety has become more than a way to honor their son; it gives them a purpose to keep moving forward.